Our Gardening Mission Statement:

Nurture your heart and body with the SunSavor Greenhouse.

Gardening in the North isn’t just a dream for us. It’s an amazing reality!

Our family’s answer to assuring an amazing harvest, in spite of the freezing weather. This greenhouse allows us to start nice and early in April and then finish out the growing season until we are ready to call gardening quits in November. Jack Frost no longer dictates our garden’s fate! Necessity is the mother of invention. Our design eliminates our fretting over delicate seedling subjected to prevailing winds, the dramatic temperature fluctuations between night and day, and is secure enough to ward off the wildlife. These greenhouses can be varied in length. Our greenhouses sizes can be big enough to yield produce for the whole year, yet not so expensive as to render the entire process absurdly pointless.

Here at Sun Savor Greenhouses we want the whole northwest to experience tomatoes in November! Share in our joy as we have watched our daily menu transform with fresh fruit and vegetables. Imagine taking a big bit of a melon so sweet and tender that even the rind is tasty. Just think about crunching into a bowl of tortilla chips with salsa you have chopped up with all things amazingly ready in your SunSavor house. In November, imagine tucking into an amazing plate of summer flavored tomato sauce with heritage tomatoes, onions, fresh basil and peppers you have grown. Or perhaps you’ll like a fragrant salsa verde to add a glowing taste sensation to your eggs and potatoes. All this is possible each year for you, just like it is for us.

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